The Emotion Code, sometimes termed, "EFT at the Speed of Light" was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  For a quick view of this technique and a short video, go to: (

While EFT and Emotion Code are silmilar in that they both quickly and efficiently remove underlying energetic and emotional energy blockages, they differ in how they do it.  EFT uses tapping on meridian points, while using key words and phrases associated with the problem being addressed.

The emotion Code uses an "emotion chart" to identify some sixty basic emotions, testing to determine which emotion is the source of the problem, followed by the use of a magnet to sweep down the back to release the blockage.

Both techniques are very effective.  I do not see one as better than the other.  I have had more experience with EFT and find it extremely effective.  I have also found Emotion Code to be very helpful and effective, especially when combined with EFT, or by itself using EFT phrasing.

I generally rely on EFT because if gives more awareness and experience of the emotional and energetic release.

The experience with Emotion Code is more subtle and the emotional release occurs through processing, hours and days later, although the energetic release itself with the magnet can be instantaneous.