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A Quality Idea - Surrogate Tapping with Magic Buttons Bear

Hi Everyone,

Here's more glowing evidence of the value of surrogate EFT. Linda Wood from
the UK describes the many benefits of tapping on a toy bear in behalf of
ourselves or others. I know this sounds woo-woo to many ... but you may as
well get used to it. We have far too many of these reports on our website to
ignore this phenomenon. It is easily explainable in spiritual terms (we are
all connected) and through the findings of quantum physics.

Hugs, Gary

By Linda Wood

Hi Gary,

Over a year ago I had a Divine Inspiration to develop a tapping button bear.
The idea came to me seemingly ‘out of nowhere’ and wouldn’t leave me alone
until I’d acted upon it. I experimented with different ways of making a
bear, ways of sewing on buttons and different types of buttons until I’d
come up with a bear that I liked. I hand sewed several of these. However,
I didn’t know where to go from there with this idea.

About the same time, across the Atlantic, a little girl was having the same
Inspiration, sewed some buttons on a bear, and showed it to her Dad who then
spent the rest of that year carrying it forward and actually manufacturing
these bears. The name that came to him was Tappy Bear while the name that
came to me was Magic Buttons.

We’ve since found out about each other and decided to join forces to bring
this amazing surrogate tapping tool specifically to children but adults as
well and to those who work with children.

US born Tappy Bear and UK born Magic Buttons are cousins, here to help
spread the healing work of EFT to children. (and Gary, the most amazing
thing is that AS this little girl across the Atlantic sewed these buttons on
her prototype so that she could show her Dad what she had invented in her
mind, she also wrote a story about someone named Linda…which is my name!
Needless to say, she was not at all surprised when her Daddy told her about
me and my Magic Buttons Bear. She then pulled out her story and showed it
to her Dad.)

Gary, recently I’ve been using Magic Buttons in my workshops for surrogate
healing with the most amazing success. Following are two different

Before the most recent workshop, I asked all my trainees to bring both a
picture of themselves and one of someone else that they’d like to send EFT
healing to.

We first started with ourselves. Since so many people have a tough time
getting their head around surrogate healing/tapping, let alone working with
a Teddy Bear, I wanted them to actually FEEL and EXPERIENCE for themselves
the benefits of this most amazing way of using EFT.

I asked each of them to pick out a Magic Button Bear, lay the picture of
themselves over his tummy so as to help sharpen their focus and intention.
I then had them do an inventory of their own body to find a tension or pain,
getting very specific with their mental description and determine a level of
intensity on a scale of 0 to 10.

Next, I led them through a little ritual to balance our energies, invite in
our higher energies, to also connect our higher energies to each other, and
asked that this healing be sent to wherever it’s needed most and if there’s
any left over, for it to be taken to those who most need it, wherever they
might be. We then began tapping ON the Magic BEAR for our OWN pains or

As we began our tapping set-ups and rounds, probably the most skeptical man
in the group began to become very fidgety and suddenly had a confused look
on his face. As we all continued to tap on our bears, I asked him if
something was coming up. He looked quite surprised and said, “Well, yes,
something is. It’s an anxiety of some kind.”

I then switched from using generic words, to using his words and did another
round for “this anxiety … I wonder what it is, etc.” He began moving about
even more and suddenly said, “Wow, it’s something to do with money.”

We all continued tapping on our bears using his words until we had zeroed in
on his issue and reduced it. Along the way we had been checking with the
others and they had all been considerably reducing their numbers. There was
a look of awe on everyone’s face not only as they noticed their own changes,
but also as they noticed what was going on with this man with the money

The results of this were most amazing, surprising and just as effective as
if we’d been tapping on ourselves. We had even included a couple rounds
saying, “All this anxiety, all this money stuff and all I’m doing is tapping
on this silly stuffed bear. I can’t believe this is happening but I can
feel it happening so I know it’s real, etc.”

After we’d brought everyone down to a zero and checked and tested, we then
moved on to tapping for someone else.

We brought out the pictures of our loved ones and began our rounds on them,
with the picture lying over Magic’s tummy as we tapped directly on Magic
Button Bear. Again, magical things happened. One lady immediately tuned in
to her surrogate person and began to feel and express their emotions so we
all began tapping for her as well and using her words until we brought down
the level of intensity.

We had no way of knowing what we’d done for the others that we’d tapped for,
of course, but had direct evidence that something unexplainable had
definitely happened in both exercises merely by tapping on Magic Buttons

Gary, my mission is to help people understand the power of Surrogate tapping
and hopefully Tappy Bear and Magic Buttons Bear will be vehicles to help
spread the word of this most amazing healing power of EFT.

There are so many ways of using this powerful technique, including role
playing and so much more. I’ve given a Magic Buttons Bear to a teacher to
use at school for when her class is disruptive. Pull out Magic, explain
that he will show them where their own Magic Buttons are. Talk and have
them tap along and show them how they already feel better.

If the teacher pulls the bear out every time the class is disruptive, before
long it will be like Pavlov’s dog, the kids will be mentally tapping at the
mere sight of the Magic Button Bear. She has just begun using this with
very interesting results.

I’d like to get these to every teacher in every school in every country and
show them how to use them and in fact, to every child, every parent, etc. to
help bring to the world the amazing healing power of the vehicle of EFT …
even when you are tapping on an inanimate object.

Thank you, Gary for letting me share this exciting story with you and thank
you for your dedication to this most amazing Spiritual gift!

Very sincerely,

Linda Wood



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