The Annual Energy Pscyology Conference is being held in Victoria this year. This should prove to be a most valuable learning and growth experience for professionals and lay peope alike. I am personally looking forward to attending and possible assisting Dr. Feinstein, a leading Energy Psychologist, in his work at the conference. His partner, Donna Eden, the author of Energy Medicine, a best seller in the field for decades, will also be working at the conference.  Donna's work has been a major inspiration and help in my own evolution and work with EFT and others forms of Energy Psychology. Dr, Feinstein and Donna will be doing a workshop on relationships together.

Although the conference doesn't start until October 1st, there are early bird specials available until the end of May.  Check the above link to the conference for more information.  I understand group specials are also available, and you can form you own group of three or more.  I look forward to seeing some of you there.  This should prove to be a most valuable experience.  Here is a link to a printable poster if you wish to work with this: