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My commitment to you:

I will always endeavor to empower, not disempower you.

I will not set myself up as an authority in your life; rather I will help you uncover your own true self-authority!

I will not encourage dependency; rather I will give every assistance necessary to make you more independent!

When you are free, I am more  free!


After my formal education at Edinboro State College and the University of Illinois, I taught for four years as an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Victoria. At this point I underwent a major personal transformation, immersing myself in spiritual studies, meditation and many forms of healing, eventualy developing and teaching courses in Holistic health and healing at Camosun College for fourteen years. Since then I have personally worked with many forms of energy healing and have found the New Energy Psychology techniques, especially EFT, to be among the most effective and powerful ways of helping people clear and resolve many deep-seated emotional issues in amazingly short periods of time. People many times are literally shocked to experience that unresolved problems of 30 years standing could actually be released in a one-hour session! Many clients have also communicated that regardless of how much previous therapy they had had and despite a thorough intellectual understanding of the problem (s), it was only when we did EFT that the problem really cleared and healing took place.

My experience in working with EFT with myself and clients for the last 15 years is that there are virtually no issues, be they physical, emotional or mental that cannot be released with a proper application of these energy tapping procedures. My experience with numerous personal clients and workshop and class participants is that EFT virtually always works when properly applied. My strong positive belief in EFT, based on personal experience with myself and others, appears to help override any initial doubts and opens the door to all kinds of possibilities. Both with individuals and groups it is important to establish empathetic and energetic rapport. Knowledge and skill in the application of techniques are important, but, unless people feel cared about and energetically connected to what you are doing to help them, the results may not materialize.

I have worked with a number of individuals who were very familiar with the EFT techniques, including Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Psychologists, whose own experience of EFT was less than satisfactory. They believed it should work and wanted it to work but were disappointed that it did not perform as hoped. My experience with these individuals has been that my own strong feeling about EFT's effectiveness, along with the use of my intuitive abilities, developed over many years of spiritual-psychiccounseling and healing, enabled me to help them clear major issues, sometimes in just one session. I find this most satisfying and invigorating, as do the clients!

My work with clients over the telephone (as far away as Taiwan and the Bahamas) has expanded my feeling of the tremendous effectiveness of EFT. Establishing empathetic and energetic rapport over the telephone is almost as easily done as when physically together!

Finally, I would like to express the thought and feeling that loving acceptance of self is ultimately the key to all healing. EFT, perhaps more than any other approach, focuses the attention on this. It is my experience that most of us have very low levels of true, loving acceptance. In my work, I emphasize the importance of the initial setup with EFT, making sure the individual emotionally and energetically connects to the thought of loving and accepting self, regardless of what might be presenting itself as an issue or problem in their life. Thoughts, feelings, and words are all expressions of energy and when strong, positive thoughts and words are empowered with deep positive emotion the energetic field of the body responds, right down to those little "molecules of emotion," the neuropeptides. When the setup in EFT is done properly, the healing has already begun, the mind, body and emotions are already being reprogrammed. What a wonderful way to empower and heal yourself!

You are blessed and you are a blessing!

Know this! Feel this! Live this!

I look forward with joy to assisting you to your greater freedom!

Leonard M. Thornton, Ph.D.


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